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Posted: May 15, 2012 in Gamer Lady of the Month
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This month’s lady gamer has declined a photo, which is fine by us.  I met Rachael when we started our server project at Gray Isles, and she has been an outstanding player and member of our community.  Sadly due to my own busy schedule and off play times, I haven’t gotten to RP with her as much as I would like, but what I have been able to experience has been good.  She’s brought a couple of players to our server, and in my opinion, been a contributing factor in our success so far.  So, without further ado, ladies and gents, here is May’s gamer lady of the month.

Q. What is your Gamertag?

In NWN1, I have gone by Nakamura Sakura quite a bit in the past. In NWN2, I go by Maiden of Loss. I have played NWN1 for about five years and NWN2 for maybe about six months.

Q. Gamer guild/clan affiliation?

Oh, jeez. I would say the most recent guild/clan affiliation that my character has gotten into is the FCA on Grey Isles and maybe soon, Clan Granitefist. She’s also been in a mercenary guild that was previously run by players.

Q. Console or PC?

PC. My laptop is the only thing I have to play games on believe it or not. I have a Wii too but it doesn’t get used very often. I’m usually too plastered to the computer screen or reading on my Kindle.

Q. When did you start gaming?

If you mean RPG’s? I started gaming around the age of fourteen in that case. I haven’t been playing D&D all that long, honestly. In case of more action-type games (Stronghold, Rome: Total War, Age of Mythology just to name a few) I would say around the age of thirteen.

Q. What got you started in the world of gaming?

In terms of NWN1 (and eventually NWN2) I actually got introduced to it during my freshman year of high school. A friend installed the game on my PC for me to try out and I got pretty hooked in the matter of about a week or so. If it weren’t for him, I honestly likely would have never discovered the NWN world. In terms of other games, I’ve never been too far away from a PC so that pretty much led to my early interest in gaming. I love NWN because it allows you to step in and tell your own story. I have been fortunate enough to even discover my love for DMing and being a player both. The NWN1 community is amazing and even though the game is older, I have never met a better bunch of players. My time in NWN2 has been short so far but so far, I’ve enjoyed the experience very much.

Q. Favorite game?

As far as PC goes, NWN1 and NWN2 hands down. I would say following that would be Sims 3, Age of Mythology, Skyrim (although I need to play more of that yet) and numerous others.

Q. Currently playing?

On my PC? Currently NWN2. Plan on playing more Skyrim, though. I have also thought about reinstalling NWN1.

Q. Most anticipated future release?

Guild Wars 2! The graphics and storyline look positively gorgeous to me. I was looking forward to Neverwinter (4th Edition) but then; they turned the whole thing into a MMO. That was a complete epic fail on Cryptic’s part. I don’t like 4E myself (at all) but considering what the NWN1/2 community has done with the games in the past, I wouldn’t be surprised if the 4E elements could be taken out and eventually altered. I mean, for NWN we have PRC (in both games) and even the Community Expansion Pack for NWN1. All that work really has ended in some amazing results that just add to both games, in my opinion.

Q. Build your own or off-the-shelf PC? Any reason for preference?

Off-the-shelf laptop! Poor off-the-shelf PC’s seem to die in my hands within a matter of two years. When I was younger, I went through about four PC’s in about ten years, I think. This laptop so far has lasted for two years and is doing very well despite those previous troubles of mine. I honestly will never go back to PC again. I think laptops are the way to go; at least, for me.

Q. Favorite game type?

RPG. I enjoy an action game here and there and sometimes Sims 3 but for the most part, I usually am in NWN2. I loved my years of playing NWN1. I don’t regret a minute of it. I would say my favourite PW that I have ever played on (and made me forever addicted to the game) was Legacy of Netheril in NWN1. It was the first server I played on. The players and DM’s were wonderfully creative. My second favourite had to be Deepingdale and the Moonsea in NWN1. There I was able to discover my love for DMing.

Q. Do you think there are any issues related to being a female?

It really, really depends on where you go, I think. Have I had issues before with it? Sure. But, that’s bound to happen sometimes in multiplayer games. I would say that the NWN1 and NWN2 player bases are usually pretty good when it comes to gender and respect. I have gotten one or two odd reactions when players discover my gender but do I let it stop me from playing the game, relaxing and having fun? Hell no. I would say the best advice to other fellow gamer ladies would be to just laugh and have fun with it when you get an “odd” reaction. Then, shake it off and continue playing.

Well, there you have it folks.  Another great gamer out there that happens to be female, further casting aside the myth that they don’t exist, and showing they are just like any other gamer.  Thanks Rachael, for giving us such great responses.  If anyone knows a female gamer that deserves the spotlight, let us know.  Send me an email at, and give me a brief rundown of why they should be in our monthly feature.  Drop us her email or some sort of contact so we can interview her and get her featured here at Frags and Beer.  Keep gaming, and have fun.  Until next time!


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