June’s gamer lady of the month

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Gamer Lady of the Month
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Our lady of June is another player from the NWN2 server I help out with.  I’ve known Andrea for a couple years now I guess, since the previous server I played on.  Her RP has always been interesting and she’s always been a fun player to share the game with.  She’s since come over to Gray Isles as a DM, helping us create good story for all the players that come visit.  She declined to post a picture as well, but that’s cool.  I’m happy, and proud, to present your gamer lady for June.

Q. What is your Gamertag?

Hillshellios. And no it doesn’t have any special meaning, as people often ask me.  Its rather a collection of random syllables i came up with some years ago and been sticking too ever since and using as my tag.

Q. We are getting a lot of viewers outside the U.S.  If you don’t mind everyone knowing, what country do you hail from?


Q. Gamer guild/clan affiliation?

My main Character is closely associated with Myth Drannor on DLB since starting playing on that server over a year ago.
On GI my Characters don’t have any guild affiliation yet.

Q. Console or PC?

Definitely PC, though i enjoy plain Wii from time to time with some friends.

Q. When did you start gaming?

I started with PnP RPG games when i was 13.  Which was rather unusual for girl at that age.
Started with Computer games even earlier as our father bought us a, by then, highly modern Commodore C64, which we used to play games like Gianna Sisters.

Q. What got you started in the world of gaming?

My brother played RPG with his friend and got me curious. I soon started playing with my own friends.  I’ve been DMing since age 14

Q. Favorite game?

I started with AD&D switched quite late to D&D3.5 (I was always a very conservative DM and didn’t like the 3E at first)
Now i am staunch defender of the 3.5 E as i really hate the 4E and what they did to my favorite world the Forgotten realms.
I agreed to play-test the 5E with some friends now and hoping it works better than the previous edition (but won’t be able to say more to signed agreements of course.).
Besides PnP my favorite computer game is of course NWN2 I also loved Baldur’s Gate especially the second part.
Also enjoyed playing the Knights of the old Republic series.

Q. Currently playing?


Q. Most anticipated future release?

None really.. maybe the 5E, crossing my fingers all will be better.

Q. Build your own or off-the-shelf PC? Any reason for preference?

Q. Favorite game type?

RPG! PnP and computer.

Q. Do you think there are any issues related to being a female gamer?

At first most gamers think i am male because my tag doesn’t identify me clearly as female.. even though I only play female characters.  After some time they usually find out my gender.  Interestingly enough I’ve noticed different treatment from male players who know my real sex.  As a whole I got mostly positive reactions.

Well, there you have it folks.  Another great gamer out there that happens to be female, further casting aside the myth that they don’t exist, and showing they are just like any other gamer.  Thanks Rachael, for giving us such great responses.  If anyone knows a female gamer that deserves the spotlight, let us know.  Send me an email at magus_taliesin@hotmail.com, and give me a brief rundown of why they should be in our monthly feature.  Drop us her email or some sort of contact so we can interview her and get her featured here at Frags and Beer.  Keep gaming, and have fun.  Until next time!


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