End of DayZ Journal ep. 2

Posted: June 27, 2012 in PC Gaming
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So, hope you all enjoyed episode one of my little experiment here.  I really need to get some screenshots next time I log in.  Anyway, here is episode two of this writing exercise.  I hope it gets you in the mood for some zombie stomping.  So far I’ve had much more luck, since I’ve had time to learn the game and get my bearings.  I’m still struggling with some controls and tactics but that’s to be expected.  Arma II is a complicated game by itself.  So, without further ado, here’s the next episode:

End of DayZ Journal:  Callsign XamotDB

Incarnation 02, Day 01 (again?)

It was all a dream – the run through the quiet neighborhood, finding weapons, the farmhouse, all of it.  I woke up on the rooftop again – walkers all around.

One of them found the roof – I climbed down and ran for the woods – too many, I stumbled, fell, they were on me…

Approximate survival time @ 1 hour

Incarnation 03, Day 01

Ran for the hills after climbing out of the sea.  Been told there are walkers looking for other survivors – didn’t see anyone.

Saw some buildings through the trees.  Moved closer – started hearing them – walkers and a hopper.  Moved away quickly – no weapons.  Headed down the hill looking for landmarks.  Have to stop and rest, more later.

Day 02

Getting lost heading too far inland – didn’t know whether I had come in on the south or east coast.  Turned around and retraced my steps back down the hill – found the coast with a parallel road and tracks.  Looking at the morning sun over the ocean, I knew I was on the east coast – turned south on the road – walked until the road turned west.

Wasn’t long before I found another survivor limping along the road.  Helped him toward a town.  Approached docks on the beach.  Had to crawl, then swim, too many of them.  A hopper came close, didn’t see me laying near submerged in the sea.  Moved on when he wandered back.

Made it to docks in Kamyshovo – warehouse but no supplies – many walkers – stranger calls himself Saber – ex-military too?

Stuck on the docks – no supplies or weapons.  Only option – swim around.  Water is cold.  Made it into the hills.  Found a deer stand – need sleep – near dark.  We camp away from the stand – will search for supplies tomorrow.

Day 03

Morning – searched the nearby tree stand again – nothing.  We moved on.  Too close to town and no means of defense so we headed north into the hills.  Have to be more tree sands or a farm house.

Moved north with Saber – saw a barn east of a small town – no zeds in sight.  Saber moved west to the town to check for survivors or supplies.  Found some supplies in the barn and a survivor – sleeping.  Tense but no hostilities.  Saber came from town – followed by three walkers – put them down but I took a wound – out of bandages.

Left the barn and crossed field – deer stand in distance.  Unnamed survivor shot at walkers while I moved around field – Saber held back.  We let zeds chase the stranger – too many – nothing we could do.  Didn’t see him again.  Deer stand was empty – moved on to the next.  Saber missing.

Next deer stand is empty except for an entrenching tool, need to find bandages, blood, something.  Move south – have to find supplies.  All around zombies, no buildings are clear.  Vision blurry.  Cherno is close – maybe help…did I pass out?  Can’t go much further…

Approximate survival time @ 5.5 hours

Incarnation 04, Day 01

Salt water still clinging to my clothes – east beach?  Walkers too close – I can see docks so I run – they chase.  Just made it.  Something about the concrete docks – they won’t step on them.  Where am I?  A sign – Cherno.  I’ve made it.

There’s a church close – doors are open.  I lay and wait – the walkers will lose interest if I don’t move.  I wait.  Finally they are gone – I can go in.  Moving quick – but quiet – into the church.  There’s too much to take at once.  Gather what I can and get back to the docks.  No way I’m going to sleep but I need rest – eat a bit – have some water.

Day 02

Daylight – no walkers close but someone’s shooting.  Moved quick to search the church again – more ammo, canteen – two handguns.  Shots are closer – time to move.

Rush the docks – east.  Whoever is shooting is distracting the walkers – might make it into the hills.

Got out of the city – could still hear the shots.  Nervous to pass the mass grave but none of the bodies got up.  Walked north east – crossed the road and tracks and headed for the treeline.  Kept walking until I found a tree stand, need something more powerful than these pistols.  Put down three walkers on the way – no supplies.  Need rest while it’s safe.

Day 03

Moved on – headed west.  Found an old radio broadcasting a message – someone named Cobra, near Cherno – looking for others.  Turned south after no luck with supplies and met him between Cherno and the airfield.  Decided to check the buildings south east of the airfield – too many walkers.  We tried to take them out but they kept coming.  Cobra was wounded – finally lost the last one in the woods and made for the docks in Cherno again.

Made it to the docks – lost the walkers.  Cobra and I looted a couple buildings – found an enfield and other supplies.  Now one can sleep while the other watches.

Still alive @ 3 hours

That’s all for now, need to play more to get more stories.  Will post when I have more to tell.


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