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Posted: July 1, 2012 in Gamer Lady of the Month
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I’ve known Rhicora a little while now, and so far have known her to be a nice, easy to get along with, and creative player and dungeon master on our server.  She’s been a great addition to our staff over at Gray Isles, and has helped add to the drama, tension, and great story telling that players have come to expect from us.  She’s a gamer, just like you or I, she just happens to be a lady as well, and she agreed to be this month’s featured gamer.

Q. What is your Gamertag?


Q. We are getting a lot of viewers outside the U.S. If you don’t mind everyone knowing, what country do you hail from?

The U.S. – but hello there, rest of the world!

Q. Gamer guild/clan affiliation?

It’s safe to say I am Gray Isles affiliated at the moment.

Q. Console or PC?

PC. I tend to like games that involve writing a story. When a console comes out with enough buttons to do that, let me know.

Q. When did you start gaming?

When I was pretty young (middle school, even), I played Riven, a point-and-click adventure in the Myst series. I’ve had a soft spot for that style of game ever since (please play Grim Fandango sometime, if you haven’t), though I’ve broadened my horizons since then.

Q. What got you started in the world of gaming?

Early point-and-click adventure games (Cyan, LucasArts). The first Neverwinter Nights. Tabletop RPGs, including 7th Sea, which I would very much recommend to someone looking to escape the hack-and-slash of DnD.

Q. Favorite game?

NWN2: hands down the best game for creative writers I’ve ever encountered. I love playing villains – there’s nothing like a well-crafted antagonist to bring a tale to life.

Q. Currently playing?

Mass Effect 3. I’ve been steadily playing my way through – it’s a long game, and I have been awaiting the end of Shepard’s story for a while. It’s fairly linear, but I like to think of it as a really enjoyable movie.

Q. Most anticipated future release?

I always look forward to BioWare games, so I’ll definitely keep my eye out for Dragon Age III. From what I’ve read, they’re learning from a couple missteps they made in DA2; the game will cover a greater geographic area and combat will focus more on clever planning. I approve!

Q. Build your own or off-the-shelf PC? Any reason for preference?

An off-the-shelf laptop … oh, I can hear the sighs of disappointment from the audience. I’m told real gamers love to void the warranty – but I’m content to be able to mail the broken thing in, have it fixed the next week, and get back to gaming.

Q. Favorite game type?

Micro-multiplayer online RPG. I wish there were more games in this genre (I kind of just made up the name now, but NWN2 players will know what I mean). The gaming world desperately needs it. Let’s take it back to the days of tabletop!

Q. Do you think there are any issues related to being a female gamer?

To be honest, people used to think it was a lot stranger than they do now. Today, I think female gamers face the same challenges guys do. Other people can be condescending, arrogant, or plain mean no matter who you are. But I’ve also met NWN2 players who are kind and understanding, and that can lead to lasting friendship. Really, it’s the same wide range of human interactions I see in the real world.

Treat your fellow players with the love they deserve, no matter who they are. Remember that it’s okay if they don’t agree with you on everything – as long as you’re respectful to others, they’ll usually pay it back. I promise I will!

Well, there you have it folks.  I’d like to thank Rhicora for honoring us with being this month’s gamer lady.  We’re going to need your help here at Frags and Beer soon.  I’m running out of friends and acquaintances to ask to be in this feature.  If anyone knows a female gamer that deserves the spotlight, let us know.  Send me an email at magus_taliesin@hotmail.com, and give me a brief rundown of why they should be in our monthly feature.  Drop us her email or some sort of contact so we can interview her and get her featured here at Frags and Beer.  Keep gaming, and have fun.  Until next time!


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