Zombie Watch: Houses for your post-zombie apocalyptic future.

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Zombie Watch
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One of the big questions, come the zombie apocalypse, go on the run or button down in a safe house?  Well, this article is going to feature two options for those of you who think shutting out the outside world and waiting things out is the safest bet.  We’re going to take a look at two housing options for such a situation.

Our first house is from an architectural company called KWK Promes out of Warsaw.  This concrete building features enough space for a large family to live comfortably, with movable walls, metal and concrete shutters, a wall, and drawbridge.  In essence this house can be shut down for maximum security, or left open to the air, but closed to the outside world by the exterior wall.  Add to that any state-of-the art perimeter security, you would wind up with a very secure bunker to spend the proverbial end of days.  There’s a lot to work with on this model, and a lot you could do to the exterior to make it even more secure and self-sufficient.

Once buttoned up, you can see the interior takes on even more serious security, but it has the drawback of pulling together some of the exterior walls, elminating the perimeter.  Granted, that’s easily overcome by modifying those walls or adding another outer perimeter.  If it were me I’d throw on access to the roof for added defensive capability, or access to evacuate via helicopter should the need arise.  A reinforced basement with a well, water filtration, food storage, and weapons and ammunition backup would also be on the list of additions to this abode.

I think, what I like best, is the drawbridge that goes over the wall from the second floor.  Who doesn’t want a house with drawbridge access?!

Our other featured house comes from an industrious company in Kansas.  They’ve taken to rebuilding and modifying an old missile silo with redundant security and self sufficiency just in case the world comes down with a case of zombies.

The place has multiple floors, and units available in half and full floors.  Surprisingly enough, at 1 million and 2 million dollars respectively, these units are completely sold out.  Each unit is a fully functional condo with their own kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and great rooms, and built-in electrical, and full entertainment packages.  The larger units, at just over 1800 square feet have an extra bedroom, bathroom, and dining room.  All units also feature a window that simulates the outside, including changing light for day and night cycles.

The facility-wide amenities include a gym, theater, library, medical center, indoor pool and spa, and classrooms.  They are set up to receive water and power from the outside, with backup systems in case those are compromised.  Along with these fun features, this place takes security seriously.  Well stocked armory with weapons and ammo, a fully functional unmanned drone with digital cameras for surveillance, water filtration systems, and military grade security system round out the awesomeness of this place.

The only drawback I see to this, was pointed out by a friend of mine.  Not sure if this place could hold up to the ingenuity of desperate people in the event of a zombie apocalypse.  American ingenuity is a hard thing to defend against, and people have a way of blowing up almost anything if they want what’s inside bad enough.


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