We’ve been nominated! One Lovely Blog Award!

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

We were quite surprised, and honored, to find out we were nominated for this award yesterday, by our friends over at Wallcat Gaming (link on left <–This way!  No, that way!–>).  So there are some rules to being nominated.  First, I have to tell you all 7 things about me.  Then I have to nominate 15 other blogs and tell them the good news.  So, here goes, story time.

  1.  While in Nepal saving orphans from tigers…hah just kidding.  First and foremost about me, I am married and have a son.  I know you’ve heard about my awesome wife from time to time, we also have a teenager who is well on his way to growing up just like me.  Poor kid.
  2. I am a comic book collector, mostly X-Titles, but I do pick up a few odds and ends here and there, namely Conan from Dark Horse, Knights of the Dinner Table from KenzerCo., and anything related to Lady Pendragon or The Magdalena.
  3. I am an avid reader of Sci-fi and Fantasy as well as war history, and some popular fiction.  My library is upwards of 800 books.
  4. I am, and always shall be…your friend, Jim.  No wait, a gamer, that’s what I am.  I love FPS games and multi-player RPGs mostly, with the odd puzzle game thrown in.
  5. Our whole family is big fans of amine, mostly mecha and suspense, and pretty much anything put out by Studio Ghibli.
  6. I am proud to admit that I am a roleplayer, and have been for a long time.  Over 20 years now since my buddy introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons.  I’ve been hooked every since.
  7. I am a writer, if that wasn’t obvious.  Not saying I’m a good writer, but I can put words together and get a few people to read them so I guess that counts.

Ok, now for the blogs I’m nominating, in no particular order.

Ok, so I could only come up with nine.  I’m so busy I just don’t have 15 blogs that I follow.  Hopefully the above nominees are able to pick up my slack…I know, I suck.

  1. INTERN says:

    thanks for the lovely nomination! -Hilary/INTERN

    • xamotdb says:

      Sure thing, been following your blog since a buddy showed it to me awhile back. Always been inspirational and entertaining while I make my own journey to getting my words in the hands of others.

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