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Awhile back I ran afoul of an admin on this BF3 server.  I’ve played on their servers all the way back to BF2, and put in a lot of hours on their BF3 server.  I posted about the event here.  You will notice I edited that post at the bottom, because there was another situation.

As I said in the update, I was on their server yesterday, with another clanmate of mine.  We played a few minutes of the Wake map (love that map!), and notice that some public players were complaining.  It took me a few minutes to realize what was going on.  Basically, the admins were using a command to kill players in vehicles, so that the admins themselves could have them.  Really douchebaggery there, but that’s just the beginning.  They were telling the players that it was their right, if they wanted to be left alone they needed to donate and become members (is extortion still illegal if it’s online bullying and demanding money to be left alone?)  Anyway, they have a message that pops up every minute or so that says if you are having any problems, notify Illuzion through battlelog.  I told the players that were complaining that arguing with the admins was useless, and I repeated the message, contact Illuzion.

It was at that point that I got kicked by the admins.  I thought, hell, I’ll go talk to Illuzion myself.  I sent him another friends request on battlelog, and while I waited I went to their forums and poked around.  Turns out, anytime someone posts a complaint about an admin abusing their power, the poster gets trolled, insulted, cussed at, and extorted by the staff.  Again, bullying people and then asking for ‘protection’ money is illegal, wonder what EA thinks about that…hmm.

Well, since it seems that this is standard practice in their group, and goes on in plain sight on their forums, I have to assume Illuzion is condoning the behavior.  So, as a public service announcement to my fellow BF3 players, I am letting you know don’t go there.  If you are looking for a fun gaming experience, where admins do what admins are supposed to do, and refrain from abusing their privileges, Digital Anarchy is NOT the server for you.

I invite the DA guys to come here and discuss this, keeping in mind that I do not tolerate that kind of behavior here.  If any of them are actual adults and would like to discuss this as such, please feel free.  I will leave a link in their forums, I really don’t like talking about people behind their backs.  If you have had similar run-ins with other servers, and you have done the right thing first, reporting to a higher admin, then drop a line here too.  It would be good for us to have a list of servers to avoid.

Every once in awhile you run into a server admin that thinks they can do whatever they want, simply on the premise that they are an admin.  I ran into such an admin yesterday on the Digital Anarchy server for Battlefield 3.  First let me say, I generally have fun on that server.  I visit it when my own clan’s server isn’t populated.  I have never had an issue with an admin on their server before, and this one admin didn’t wear the DA tags.  The way it works there is, if you pay a monthly fee you can get admin rights.  It helps the DA clan out by having admins on at all times, and it gives those that play at odd times the ability to keep the server clean and fair.  No, I won’t go into names or details, let’s just say this guy has no business being an admin anywhere.  He was extremely rude, let’s just leave it at that.

Anyway, as I promised the admin, I got a hold of Illuzion, who runs Digital Anarchy, I believe.  He listened to what happened, asked a couple of clarifying questions, and then assured me that he would take care of it.  The admin I had trouble with seemed to think that talking to Illuzion would have no effect.  I guess he was overconfident in more than one aspect.  So, thank you to Illuzion, and Digital Anarchy, for helping out an old gamer.  I’m also an admin, I know what it’s like, and how tempting it is to be a jerk, but a good admin doesn’t give into that.  I’m confident that DA will keep their server fun, and free of tools as best they can.  I recommend them to anyone looking for a crazy, 64 man game, that is generally always full.  When the 5307th isn’t populated that is, you should always come see us first.  See you guys on the battlefield, I’ll definitely be back!


Alright, I was on their server yesterday, and the admins were using the commands to kill players so that admins could have vehicles.  Of course the players being killed were upset and the admins were being  jerks hardcore.  I repeated a message, that posts in their chat window every couple of minutes, to get in touch with Illuzion if there’s an issue.  Of course, an admin kicked me for it.  I went to their forums to see if there was anything to indicate the next course of action, and saw some pretty telling stuff.  If anyone goes on their forums to complain about staff, they get hammered with insults, cussing, trolling, etc.  Basically they are told, if you want to be left alone, join and donate.  Good bit of extortion they have there.  Anyway, I take back all that was said here.  Illuzion must have been feeding me a line of bull, and I doubt ever had words with the admin that I ran afoul of.  Avoid this server.  More to follow in a full post.