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Every once in awhile I have a little crazy spell and I dip my toe into the EA/Dice/Origin forums connected to Battlelog.  Every time I regret it almost as soon as I click the first post with an intriguing title.  First I have to say, a lot of people need to go back to playing tiddly winks or COD.  There is so much crying there it’s unbelievable.  The one that really makes me laugh though, especially with the release of the new maps, is people crying about fairness.  I should probably start by explaining the new maps, more specifically the game mode that comes with them.  Conquest Assault, is a game mode where one team has no main base, but all the flags to start, and the other team has a main, uncapturable, base and no flags.  The object is for the defending team to hold at least one flag, while the attackers (those with the uncappable base) to take them all.  Once the attackers take all the bases the defenders basically have whoever is left to try and take one of the flags.  It’s a classic battlefield game mode, and been around since BF1942 if I remember correctly.  It’s NOT FAIR!

Of course it’s not fair.  Battlefield 3, like its predecessors, is a battlefield combat simulator.  It’s not an arcade shooter, a competitive shooter, or any of the other descriptive designators for FPS games out there.  Last time I checked combat is not fair, period.  The objective of the game, is to overcome the disadvantage and win.  What really confuses me is all the people that say they have played other BF games and are still complaining.  This is how it’s always been people, stop crying.  If it really bothers you, step back, take a breath, and find a server that plays a map twice.  By this I mean one that gives you a chance to play both sides back to back.  Nothing is worse, even for me, to be on a server that does a map only once and you are always on the team that’s getting whooped, either because your whole team is subpar, or you are always on the side that has the disadvantage and your team is unable to overcome it.  If you are still having trouble, still have the urge to cry, complain, scream, or whatever, don’t.  I have some very simple troubleshooting techniques.  Let me preface them by saying, this is a game.  If it is ruining your life with undue stress, then you are foolish to let it.  Now…

Problem:  “This game sucks!  I can’t stand it!”


  1. Uninstall
  2. Go play something else

Problem:  “This server sucks!  We aren’t winning, my team sucks, blah blah blah!”


  1. Go to a different server
  2. Stop crying, there’s no crying in Battlefield

Had to put that last one in.  You would be surprised (well, only if you had never played the game) at how many people complain all day about a server, but stay as if they signed a contract to play there all day.  Go somewhere else.  If we are there, then obviously we like it, and we don’t want to hear your whining all day.

Stay tuned, we are going to start our monthly gamer girl feature at the beginning of the year.  If you would like to nominate yourself, or your gamer girl, please send a photo (tasteful, though bikini shots will not disqualify 😉 ), gamer tag/callsign, and a brief description of her gaming bio, and why she should be picked to:  We will pick the lucky winner and feature her in a post here, along with her picture and bio.  Names can be withheld, and no personal info will be given out of course.  Also look for my review of Back to Karkand coming soon, once I get done drooling over the maps enough to actually get into the nitty gritty.