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I’ve known Cindy for quite a few years now, and that is why she was one of my first choices for gamer chick of  the month.  She’s a member of the FPS gaming clan that I joined some years ago, and has been a great teammate to shoot at and get shot from.  She’s a great sport, doesn’t get offended at all the ‘guy’ jokes that get thrown around on vent, and can talk smack with the best of us.  So without further ado, I present to you the thoughts of February’s gamer lady of the month (I know it’s late, but oh well.)

Q: What’s your gamertag?

A: BabyG

Q: Gamer guild/clan affiliation?

A: 5307th Rangers

Q: Console or PC?


Q: When did you start gaming?

A: Back in 2002

Q: What got you started in the world of gaming?

A: My husband (boyfriend at the time) used to play ghost recon. That was my first game.

Q: Favorite game?

A: COD: World at War Zombies

Q: Currently Playing?

A: COD: World at War Zombies

Q: Most anticipated future release?

A: None at the moment.

Q: Build your own or off-the-shelf pc?

A: Got it built

Q: Favorite game type?


Q: Do you think there are any issues related to being a female gamer, bias, unwanted attention, etc?

A: Not enough female characters in games, is one thing that always annoyed me. Another thing I have noticed is that some guys do not like getting killed by a girl/woman. Bruises the ego for some reason. We get killed plenty by guys, don’t see us whining about I’ve played with the same gamming clan for over 6 years and aside from the odd guy now and them, don’t think none of them ever had a problem with me being part of the gang. I got plenty of attention for sure, but to me it was all in good fun. They’ve become like a 2nd family to me.

So there you have it folks, your gamer lady for February.  She’s a spitfire, fun to game with, a blast to joke with, and a good friend to have around.  If you know a lady gamer that would like to be featured at Frags and Beer, just email me at  Shoot me a pic (if they want) but more importantly a brief writeup as to why they should be featured.  Let’s show the gaming community that there are far more great gamer chicks out there than people believe.