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Ok, so I touched on teamwork a bit when it had to do with squads and taking flags.  You’d be amazed how much teamwork is needed in Battlefield 3.  Do you pick the assault kit and only throw down health packs for yourself?  Do you play support and keep all the ammo kits in your pack?  If you said yes, I’m talking to you.  These two jobs, probably more than any other, are crucial to a squad, and team’s success.  A squad that can last in a firefight, can survive to move on a flag.  An engineer that has enough ammo can lay waste to armored vehicles, and in general, if a team is getting ammo and health support they can last longer, move further, and take more objectives.  Plus, you get points for this!

I used to think that it’s because they only care about their points, but that isn’t logical, you get more points if you are throwing down health packs and ammo bags, especially if you do it for squad mates.  It makes no sense that these guys would hoard the gadgets that they can be sucking points off of.

So, as the title says, this isn’t COD people, you have a job to do.  Support guys, throw down ammo all the time.  You see some guys holding a position, if you run by, throw them some ammo, or health if you are assault.  Throw the packs down at every friendly flag.  Toss them down next to snipers, or in the uncap even.  If you are in a chopper just catching a ride, toss them out the window.  They don’t do you any good just sitting in your pack, get them out there and suck down the points.

To a lesser extent, engineers, repair!  Granted this is a more limited job, as you need a vehicle, and it’s much more dangerous, but don’t run by that tank getting shot up, get in there and repair him.  Just a few seconds from an engineer can mean the difference between who wins a tank battle.  Snipers, drop those TUGS, don’t just use them to tell you if you are about to get knifed.  Put them down near a flag and help your team.

I will keep saying it, this is a different game.  This isn’t your typical shooter, and it’s not all about you.  You have a job, get in there and do it.