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Ok, so I’ve been looking forward to Guild Wars 2 for a couple years now, like any other Guild Wars fan and anyone that has been introduced to the game afterward.  Even my wife, who has not really been too much into games and never into tabletop RPGs, said some oh so sweet words to me last year.  I’m sure I’m paraphrasing but it went something like this, “Oh Yes!  Yes!  Oh My God Yes!…”  Oh wait, not that wasn’t it, no she said she wanted to play Guild Wars 2 when it came out.  Every gamer’s dream, their lover, wife, significant other, spouse, etc, wanting to play with them…in a game (you people with dirty minds…).  Well I was now doubly excited.  Finally one of my greatest loves wants to get involved with me and one of my greatest loves!  😉

All right, enough of the sarcasm, I’m sure I will have bruises for the above anyway.  Well when she said she wanted to play Guild Wars 2 (henceforth known as GW2) I told her she was going to need a new computer.  Her old one, which was really my old one (a story I touched on in my post dedicated to my wife), was not going to cut it.  Plus I was tired of troubleshooting all the errors on that old beast anyway.  Time to build new!

So after all of that this post is really about building the fifth (or is it sixth) PC I’ve ever built from scratch, and the first I’ve built that fired up without a hitch from the start.  All my previous builds have always had some issue, some BSOD, or dead memory, or not having the power connections in the right place from the front panel to the motherboard.  So, without further ado, I give you Ravenshome, my wife’s first brand new PC, and now the forth working computer in our house.

Ravenshome plainRavenshome Blue

Here we have a side by side, showing the internals under a flash so you can see what’s what, and without flash so you can see all the LEDs.  Not going to bore you with all the model numbers and things you don’t care about.  So, the meat and potatoes specs:

  • AMD PhenomII 965BE quad core CPU
  • Zalman cooler
  • 4G DDR3 1333 RAM
  • 1TB SATA hard drive
  • nVidia 260GTX video card
  • Corsair 600W Power
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
  • All wrapped up in a coolermaster HAF 932 full tower (so love working with all that space!)

As you can see, no custom stuff with wiring or lights.  Just what came out of the box.  I did run all the wires I could behind the back panel of the case.  I love the ease of building in these full towers, despite the appearance of wasted space.  I know, I know, it’s not the Cadillac of PCs…why didn’t I use an intel i7 or a Radeon card…frankly this is far more than any gamer needs right now or will need for a few years.  It was very affordable, coming in well under $1000, and it will get the job done.  Some guys like a Ferrari, I prefer a Corvette.  Both faster than you really need, but one is a hell of a lot cheaper.

Oh and the ‘Dark Side’ reference?  Well the other night my wife said “You don’t expect me to become some gamer geek do you?”  Out loud I said “Of course not dear.”  In my head was the emperor rubbing his hands together and cackling maniacally.