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Before we get started, I have to ask a huge favor of everyone that stops by this site.  I have started to consider whether I should migrate this page to a more formal website address, such as (without the wordpress).  I want to justify it though, so I need to see if this trend of more traffic can continue and even increase.  We’ve had the busiest four days of the blog’s life this week, making it also the busiest week and month for us.  If that’s not just a fluke, it might be time to spread out a little more.  If we can increase traffic, and keep it up over the month of June it might be a good idea.  So, you can all help in several ways.  First, you can ‘like’ this post, and any others that you like for that matter.  You can also share it with the links below.  Commenting on it helps bring in traffic, and if you have a Stumbleupon account like it there as well.  Let’s see if we can get these numbers up!

Now, on to the fun…

I found out this morning, not only is this the anniversary of the beginning of the Star Wars saga, but it is also Geek Pride day, The Glorious 25 May, and Towel Day!  How did I not know about this plethora of awesome until today?!  Well thanks to my wonderful wife, and her liking stuff on Facebook, I found out.

After I found out, of course I had to show my pride in all things geek, so I am sporting my Darth Maul: Sith Lord T-shirt, brought a towel to work, and even brought in a Robotech Veritech Fighter action figure posed in Guardian Mode!  Toys on desks are quite common where I work, and my desk is sadly bare, so I figured, today was the day to start getting my act together in the department of expressing my uniqueness at work.

Everyone knows that today is the anniversary of the beginning of the Star Wars saga right?  If you don’t…oh ok I’ll be nice.  May 25th, 1977 the world was witness to, arguably, the beginning of movie making as we know it today.  Star Wars (wasn’t called A New Hope then) released in theaters on this day 35 years ago, and yes, the movie industry would never been the same.  Say what you will about George Lucas, but his influence, and the imagination of him and his team, has given us uncountable advancements in film and all that goes along with it.  That is enough to hold today in pretty high esteem for the geek community at large, but no, that’s not enough…

Geek Pride Day, whose origins aren’t all that clear cut, but most settle on it beginning in Spain in 2006 by a blogger in Madrid.  It’s fairly clear that the date was chosen intentionally for all of it’s many connections to geek culture.  It’s said there is even a list of geek basic rights and responsibilities out there somewhere.

Never heard of the Glorious 25th of May?  Then you may not be a fan of Terry Pratchett.  It is a holiday from his fictional world, called Discworld in which: “The People’s Revolution of the Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May ended the increasingly tough reign of Lord Winder. Tension had been rising, and while the nobility arranged a quiet succession by Lord Snapcase in the background, the people on the streets started a revolution and attacked Watch Houses all over the city.”

Finally we have Towel Day, celebrated in honor of the late Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and other works of fiction.  Fans around the world carry a towel in his honor, and an honor it is.  He is one of the most loved fantasy and science fiction authors of our time, and will most likely go down in history as one of the greats of this era.

This holiday has it all, get out there and let your inner geek out.  You know you want to!