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First, an update on yesterday’s post.  When I let the guys at DA know that I would be writing about my experience, and give them the opportunity to discuss it, I of course got flamed right away on their forums.  It’s what I expected, and why I haven’t gone there to post anything.  I prefer to discuss things with adults, like adults, and that’s why I did it here and left an open invite.  One of the funny things to come out of it though, is in the flaming response to my original post over there I was told that no one cares about my complaint, or my little post here, and no one would look at it or pay attention.  Well…just to be open and honest I got more hits yesterday on my blog than I have gotten in total since I started writing it.  A lot of those visits came directly from the link I placed on Digital Anarchy’s forums.  So, thanks for visiting guys.  The ambivalence is palpable.

Now, on with the show.

I posted awhile back, asking for entries to a new feature.  Haven’t gotten a response yet, but I expected a little delay anyway.  So, in anticipation I had already picked an honorary gamer lady of the month.  If someone entered, I would just move the honorary induction to another time.  This month’s lady did not enter, and has no idea she is being mentioned.  We all know her, and I know most of us love her for her internet presence, her love of gaming, comics, writing, acting, and just being one damn, hot gamer girl.  Here is your January gamer lady of the month:

Felicia Day as 'Codex'

Some of you know here from the web series “The Guild”, or more recently the “DragonAge” series.  She’s also a writer, and gamer.  She had a role in the TV show “Eureka” as well as being in the Joss Whedon cult flick, “Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog”, a must see in my opinion.  Her background as an actress is varied, and includes appearances on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Bring it on Again”, and “June”.  She really is a multi-talented, and interesting person.  She even sings!

Honestly, what’s not to love about Felicia Day?  I saw her at Comic Con Chicago this past summer.  Sadly I did not get a chance to actually meet her or talk to her, but you could tell that in the interaction with her fans, she’s genuine and honest.  She pays attention to them, and doesn’t brush them off as I have seen other celebrities do.  Whether it be age, or time in the business, or whatever it is that causes some celebrities to get bitter and grumpy, let’s hope this never happens to her.

So, in closing, thank you miss Felicia Day, for being there.  Being honest, and doing fantastic work.  Your place among gamer fantasies will be secure for years to come and we look forward to much more talented work.  I hope that my humble blog does you justice, and if anything drives more viewers, readers, and just plain fans to your great work.

To visit miss Day’s site, go here.

If you would like to be featured in this column, just send me a pic and brief bio of yourself, or your gamer lady to my email,  We owe it to the community at large, to show that ladies are gamers too, and they aren’t the endangered or extinct species that is rumored to be.