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To all the gamer widows

Posted: November 18, 2011 in PC Gaming

I thought it appropriate to send out a tribute to all the gamer widows out there.  What is a ‘gamer widow’ you ask?  Well, a gamer widow is someone who is married to, or dates a gamer.  The gamer widows know what I mean.  I raise my glass to all those who put up with their gamers, support them, tolerate their epic stories of  matches in games they don’t care about.  To all you significant others that put up with our crap, for a hobby that sometimes seems like an addiction.

Mainly this is in tribute to my wife.  All of you should be as lucky as I am to have a wife like I do.  Not only does she put up with my addiction to gaming, but she doesn’t really give me a lot of flak for it either.  Often times she even tells me to ‘go play’, if I’ve had a bad day or feeling a lot of stress.  Just the other day I was online with my clan for the first time in months, and she saw how much fun I was having, playing our new shooter.  I got off to spend some time with her after she got home, but she told me to go get back on cause I hadn’t gotten to game with the guys in awhile.

I don’t know how many times she’s brought me a beer while I was pounding away at the keyboard, no prompting, no asking, just brought me a cold one.  All the times she’s rearranged dinner around an online event, or give up regular ‘us time’ because I promised to meet a friend for a game.  She’s literally the best, and I can’t imagine finding anyone else in this world that gets me quite like she does.

So, I raise my glass to all the gamer widows out there, but especially to my wife.  I love you babe, you rock.