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A friend of mine clued me into this upcoming project, calling it, “What we were all hoping BF3 would be.”  I have to admit, as much as I love Battlefield 3, this game looks like exactly what we hoped BF3 would be.  Huge maps, matches that could last days, hundreds of people in the same match, and on and on.  Oh and did I mention, free to play!

Looking at the site, and the videos available I am impressed so far.  The graphics aren’t quite as good as BF3, but that’s understandable.  It would require some fairly beefy PCs and servers to handle such a huge game with graphics as advanced as newer games.  They are good though, think more like an advanced Team Fortress 2 or Brink.  Colorful, smooth, but not ultra realistic.

The basic concept of the game is three empires, fighting for territory and resources over expansive maps.  Many tools, weapons, and vehicles are available if you own the resources to get them.  For example, if your team doesn’t occupy a tank factory, you don’t get tanks.  Holding points, resources, and territory is the way to win a match, but with so many people you might log into a match in progress, and have to log out before it’s over.  You might come back the next day to help your team win that same match.

Overall if this game lives up to the videos and descriptions on the site I can see myself getting lost in this one for quite some time.  I will be signing up for the beta and hopefully give you guys a preview, if that’s allowed.  Get more info at their site.

Planetside 2 Official game site