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Probably the most hated kit in the battlefield franchise, and role in just about any other FPS game, is that of the sniper.  No-skill, camping, spawn-killing noobs right?  In many cases that’s an accurate description of a sniper.  I am going to give some pointers though, for all you Battlefield 3 snipers, to make you more useful, more devastating, and good team players.  Granted, you can keep sniping from the rocks above no-man’s land, trying to pick off a few people at a time, but I will continue to knife you mooks until you get in there and get some flags.  I do like knifing me some snipers.

First off, Battlefield 3 has made snipers a little easier to counter.  Scope glint, a little flash of light shining from the end of the scope, gives away a sniper’s position.  This is only on the longer ranged rifle scopes, and it requires that snipers be a little more careful.  Shoot and move becomes an important tactic.  A sniper that sits in the same place for multiple kills/shots is easily found, and knifed.  Even with a silencer, following the line of tracers and looking for scope glint can show you a sniper in fairly short order.  If you are going to be a long-range sniper that doesn’t go after flags or help your team, help yourself out a little and at least reposition after a couple of kills.

Now, here are my thoughts on being a sniper that actually helps his team.  In my opinion the best position for a sniper in the squad is that of squad leader.  You can move in on flags, set up at a distance to fire shots into the enemy area, while your squad spawns on you and tries to take the objective.  Load up your kit with the 4x scope, silencer, and bipod or grip, and sit back and cover your squad while they rush the objective.  Put down your spawn beacon and move away from it so the enemy can’t pinpoint you from your squad spawns, and your sensor so you can call out moving enemy targets.

Another tactic to be a useful sniper, is to play a modified assault role.  Load up your semi-automatic rifle with the foregrip, red dot sight, and silencer, and get in there and take flags.  If you are an accurate shot, a sniper rifle is devastating up close.  Even as a regular squad member, you can throw down spawn beacons for your team, your sensor, or on maps with a lot of armor put down a SOFLAM, and get in the heat of it.  Keep on the move, so that you are hard to pin down, your silenced rifle, and silenced pistol, can keep the enemy guessing.


Ok, first and foremost, STOP CRYING, there’s no crying in battlefield.  If you don’t like snipers, fight back.  Battlefield 3, moreso than any other game, has provided us with plenty of methods to counter snipers.  Scope glint, reduced hearing from behind, increased bullet drop, louder rifle report, and more visible tracers.  Use cover, don’t stand still, don’t stand in the open looking for snipers, and above all, listen.  Snipers are easy to find, I have knifed many of them in the few weeks I’ve been playing this game.  So many snipers just sit, sniping from the same position for several kills.  Surround sound headphones are very helpful in finding them.  Turn your head, look around, wait, and listen.  They’ll give themselves away.

Another bit of advice.  Spot them.  Spot snipers, spot everything.  It helps your team, it gives you more points, and it helps counter the snipers.  Don’t get greedy, even if someone else finds that sniper you spotted, and kills him when you wanted to, the sniper is gone.  Battlefield 3 is all about teamwork folks.  This is not Call of Duty, it’s not just about your score and unlocks.  It is designed in such a way that you usually get more points if you work with your squad and team.  I know I get a lot more points if I have a good squad and we use teamwork, than if I lone-wolf.  A team will always overcome the lone sniper by himself in the hills.